This article will analyse the Shari’ah Judicial System. Islam is a divine religion which deals with different issues related to all human needs, material and spiritual. Islam is not a set of rituals. It is both a religion and a perfect way of life. For a nonMuslim, religion may be a private relationship between man and his creator. But for a Muslim religion comprehends the whole of life. No sphere is left in which the thoughts and deeds of a Muslim – both in his personal and public life – are inconsequential to his fate in the hereafter. This is why Islam does not make a
distinction between what is religious and what is secular, nor does it recognize division of authority between Allah and Caesar.
In Islam, only Allah is the Law-giver, because He is the Creator. Allah therefore owns everything. Caesar, a creature of Allah, has nothing, except what has been entrusted to him by his Creator. Thus, all aspects of life-religious, educational, social, political, economic and legal have their legitimate place in the all-inclusive system of Islam. This is why Allah (SWT) calls upon Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) to say: “Verily, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and

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